Horse Trek Tours in Jyrgalan


Local guide (Russian, some English) Horse rental Western saddle & helmet Picnic lunch

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Horse Trek Tours in Jyrgalan

Tours for half-, one-, and multi-day horse treks.

Jyrgalan is a place for horse lovers. If that’s you, or if you want to experience for the first time what it's like to explore the mountains on horseback, we invite you to choose one of our carefully selected range of horse trek tours.

All horse trek tours include a knowledgable local guide, trained horses, comfortable western-style saddles, helmets, and a picnic lunch. In other words, our horse trek tours provide you with all you need to feel comfortable and to be safe. Find more details on horseback riding in Jyrgalan.

You will find below our most popular half-day and full-dayhorse trek tours around Jyrgalan Valley. For those who really wish to immerse themselves in the mountains by horseback, many of the multi-day foot treks can also be offered as horse treks.

To arrange any of these horse trek tours, get in touch with Destination Jyrgalan or ask for assistance at your guesthouse.


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